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Site visualisation
Sites from Satellites
Site panoramas
Sites and landscapes in 3D
Visual globes
Database and gazetteer projects
Sites mapping
Future projects: chronological mapping, cultural mapping, archaeological G.I.S. repository


The Atlas is designed as an expanding reference tool for spatial information about archaeological sites, chronologies and cultural features. At the moment it focuses on Site mapping and Site visualisation. The full gazetteer of databases includes the co-ordinates of many archaeological sites, drawn from a variety of published and unpublished sources many of which can be searched using the "Search for Sites" tool above. In the map above, groups of sites are clustered in coloured circles, and where there are relevant visualisations "Sites from Satellites", "Panoramas" and "Sites or Landscapes in 3D". The same database shown in the map above can also be viewed via our Virtual Globe Google Earth and World Wind extensions. We are keen to improve and expand this section, and welcome contact and contributions from interested scholars.

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